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When Heinz Diemat and Andreas Würfl launched D&W Spedition AG in 1996 they already possessed a great deal of experience in the haulage sector, but they had one principal idea: they wanted to use a state-of-the-art and computer-supported system to merge freight together with means of transportation in a fast and efficient way.

Today, and along with six further specialists, the two company founders from Leonberg close to Stuttgart ensure that the widest range of goods arrive at the right place at the right time and by using the right means of transportation day after day. In the meantime, around 200,000 tons of freight are moved throughout Europe every year.

D&W Spedition AG extensively increased its operational area after the EU expansion to the East. In addition to the newly added Eastern European countries, consignments are now also professionally transported into the bordering countries of the former Soviet Union.

D&W Spedition has been a public limited company since 2001. This laid the foundations for further growth and the possible involvement of partners in the successful company.

You can find further information on D&W Spedition in our image brochure, which you can download here as a PDF.